About Us

About Us

Le Tour De World committed to bringing our clients the best in value and quality travel arrangements. We are passionate about travel and sharing the world's wonders on the leisure travel side, and providing corporate travellers hi-touch services to facilitate their business travel needs. We’re an employee-owned travel agency anchored by our values, integrity and dedication to customer service. Satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers. We know the growth and success of our company depends upon fulfilling our clients’ needs every day. That is also our promise. YOUR ADVANTAGE IS OUR GLOBAL CONTACTS, OUR DEPTH OF EXPERTISE AND OUR PROFESSIONALISM. Our passion is custom designing your travel, creating personalized, seamless and stress-free itineraries with every detail in mind: from the singular travel experiences that suit you, to the most reliable transportation and best available accommodations that best meet your needs. There is nothing routine about what we do -- each trip is like creating a new work of art, and handled with the same care and respect. Like you, we are discerning travelers. We know all vacations are not alike. As a seasoned traveller you want that experience that sets your trip apart, that enhances and inspires you. That difference is what matters to us in crafting the right travel experience for you. Travel enriches and transforms us. Our perspective is broadened, our senses awakened and our spirit renewed. While some may call it vacation, for us it is part of a life well-lived and makes for a better world. Our intimate knowledge and personal insider connections worldwide allow us to both arrange the best trips for you, as well as provide VIP treatment which may include: unique and authentic experiences, as well as upgrades, savings, sumptuous meals, exclusive privileges, top-rated guides and more. Our aim is to provide you the most quality and value, and we'll be your advocates before, during and after you return. Finding the "best price" is not the same as finding the "best value" that meets your needs and wants. We invite you to click here and connect with us to stay abreast of the latest exclusive travel opportunities. If you’re ready to plan your next globe-hopping adventure, reach out to one of our travel experts, or send us your travel request and one of our travel experts will reach out to you no later than the next business day to help with your online vacation planning.View More


We aspire to be the most sought after Travel Management Company -- One traveler at a time..


We are an employee-owned company, with a passion for providing exemplary customer service, leveraging our expertise and technology to deliver innovative travel solutions in a gratifying work environment.


  • ~ We are PASSIONATE about delighting our clients and colleagues..
  • ~ We gain TRUST by treating others with integrity, respect and fairness.
  • ~ We create PARTNERSHIPS through open and honest communication
  • ~ We achieve PRIDE & EXCELLENCE by being innovative and creative..
  • ~ We are PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE for any challenge brought to our attention..
  • ~We COLLABORATE to support the objectives of the company and our preferred relationships.
  • ~ We have a CULTURE where we challenge each other to grow personally and professionally through education, training and travel..
  • ~ We properly represent our company with RESPONSIBLE CITIZENSHIP in and out of the workplace.
  • ~ We have INTEGRITY and build our company and client relationships on the highest ethical standards.
  • ~ We help create a FUN environment within our Le Tour De World family.
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